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Nos stagiaires ont la parole

"My name is Moayad Roumieh, I am from Syria and I first came in France as a syrian refugee. I am a professional actor.

As soon as I arrived in Paris I realized that learning french is essential to be able to run the daily life tasks. Therefore I needed to start French lessons as soon as possible.

For my first day in Madam POPA's class I was a bit anxious because I didn't know what to expect. But in a short lapse of time with the help of Madam POPA things started to become easier and more familiar.

The courses progression was really adapted to my needs. As it was going, I started noticing the difference in my level. French language was starting to sound more familiar in the street and I got to recognize and identify more and more words. For me the best thing about Madam POPA's class were the interactive tools (she used many audio materials and language software). It helped me a lot to grasp and memorize a lot of information.

The best aspects of Madam POPA's personality are her patience, her capability of dealing and understanding all students from different cultural backgrounds, as well as her capability of being either firm or flexible when needed. Since I didn't have any French notion when I first started this class, the fact that she spoke English made it very easy to communicate. Although Madam POPA was capable to always find ways to communicate with students even without any mutual language which I found amazing.

I think that I could have improved much more faster if I have taken face to face classes. But being in a group taught me a a lot about other cultures and how to deal with cultural differences. Since language and humanities are main tools in my acting carrier I think that this experience had enabled me to explore and understand the french culture. As a book lover, it seems to me that reading my favourite book in French is now a more realistic goal than before I started this class. As well as eventually performing in French.

Madam POPA's class helped me realize that even though learning a new language can be hard with the right methodology it can get very easy. French doesn't seem for me as hard and unattainable as when I first started the course.

It was indeed a rewarding experience."

Demandeur d'emploi
Date de fin stage : décembre 2017